In light of all the speculation for StarWars land at the Disney parks, I thought it'd be fun to come up with some rides. 

This ride would use EEG headsets to give people the ability to control things with their minds. The technology is nothing new, but there have been some developments that would make this kind of ride feasible. 
I imagine people would get their headset at the entrance to the ride, and then the line would be themed as though you were in Jedi training. There would be interactive games along the way that would be used to calibrate the headset for the actual ride.

Carriage exploration for the Disney Infinity, Lone Ranger playset.

Concept car design.

Mini tank design and ideation from Bolt, the video game

Maya wireframe, and Z-Brush model on the bottom. We're trying to go for a caricatured style that will also appeal to the hardcore gamer. We want the facial expressions to read from a distance so we went for the bigger head.

Textures from the Epic Mickey video game.

Dark Beauty Castle Banners

Haunted Mansion Rug

Small World Boss - Hand/Arm textures

Boss concept

Epic Mickey Screen Paintovers

Marvel digital collector pin concepts